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Welcome ToAnimal Encounters

Animal Encounters is open April through October

Enjoy front row access to the real working farm at Conner Prairie. Here you will learn from the specialists who feed and care for these animals every day. Along the way, you'll encounter big life lessons about animal husbandry, life cycles, silly and surprising behaviors, and the ways that animals are just like us! Watch your furry friends eat, take turns petting them, and even learn where they love to be scratched (for lambs, it's on their jaw!). 

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Meet Unique Animals

Get a closer look at animals from our world-class rare breeding program, including English Longhorn cattle, Ossabaw Island hogs, Leicester sheep and our newest residents, Arapawa goats.

  • Observe Incredible Behaviors

    Learn how the animals are different from us, and from your pets at home. See them eat, sleep, play and interact.

  • Watch Animals Develop

    Kids love naming animals based on their observations, and each time you visit, you’ll see how your favorites have grown and changed.

  • Ask an Expert

    The people who care for these animals really know their stuff. Ask them your questions!

  • Work like a Farmhand

    If the time is right, staff members might ask you to help bottle feed a calf or brush a goat's coat! 

Donate Today


Did you know that we subsidize 60% of each visit to Conner Prairie? That means every one of the animals on our farm, including our rare heritage breeds, depends upon the generosity of visitors like you. Have you ever seen how much a goat can eat? Help us remain a one-of-a-kind animal experience by donating today.

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