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1863 Civil War Journey is open April through October

On July 8, 1863, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and his forces crossed the Ohio River into Indiana. In 1863 Civil War Journey, you'll cross a covered bridge and step into the southern Indiana town of Dupont shortly after this raid. Along the way, you'll meet local residents, experience immersive presentations, gather supplies for the Soldier's Aid Society, and even participate in military drills. Younger visitors will love the splash and play water area that includes safe, fun water cannons.

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Meet Your Neighbor

Visit the Dry Goods Store and Porter Family home to learn about Morgan’s Raid firsthand from Attia Porter and the members of her community.

  • Know the Drill

    Fall in line and stand at attention as you participate in military drills just like your fellow soldiers. Don’t forget to salute!

  • Splash the Day Away

    River Crossing Play Area
    - Closed for Season on September 3

    Make a splash at our revitalized River Crossing play area. We have reimagined our popular water playscape to take families on a river journey.

  • Play the Part

    River Crossing Play Area opens May 26!

    Dress in Civil War garb and take charge of small toys that help you create your own battle plan. Who will fire the cannons? You decide!

  • Greet the General

    Step into a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience where you can meet General Morgan and many of the townspeople who came face-to-face with him.


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Civil War Journey allows our visitors to cross a bridge into the past and immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience. At Conner Prairie, we subsidize 60% of each guest visit, which means that we rely upon the generosity of donors like you to help feed the horses, dress the soldiers, and keep the General Store up and running. Every dollar you give helps provide access to all that Conner Prairie has to offer.

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General Morgan's Raid

Morgan’s Raid was an invasion into Union territory by a group of Confederate cavalry in the summer of 1863. The raiders were led by the charismatic General John Hunt Morgan.

Hoosiers Join the Fight

Explore the infantry units that participated in bloody battles of the Civil War, as well as the technology that helped the Union win the war.

The Hoosier Homefront

Learn more about how those who stayed behind played a vital role in running farms and households, maintaining the economy, and supporting their loved ones who fought for the Union.

A Portrait of Three Hoosiers

Introducing three unique perspectives of life during the Civil War: A general, an African American infantry soldier and a housekeeper back on the home front.