Learn more about 1836 Prairietown

Help Determine the Future of Prairietown

Prairietown’s fate hangs in the balance! It’s the year 1836 and this little community has sprung up in just the last couple of years. 

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  • Clothing in the 1800s

    As you tour 1836 Prairietown, take notice of the clothing worn by the townspeople. Most are wearing basic outfits as they do housework, gardening or a trade. A few may dress a bit fancier than others. 

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  • Fun and Games

    Even though children had many chores to do during the 1830s, games were an important part of their lives. Children regularly tried to transform their work into play. 

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  • Prairietown's Fate

    Our fictional village of Prairietown is based on years of demographic and geographic research. The idea was to create a village that was representative of a newly-founded Indiana town in the 1830s.

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  • Meet the Citizens of Prairietown

    In this fictional-yet-historically-accurate-town, you'll find an interesting mix of individuals with differing views on religion, politics and daily life. 

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