Educational Partnership between Conner Prairie and HSE Schools creates a Resident Teacher Program

I'm pleased to announce that a new partnership was approved recently between Hamilton Southeastern Schools and Conner Prairie. Through a seven-year agreement, HSE Schools will have a teacher-in-residence working on our grounds. We have always been innovators of museum experiences and education and our partnership with HSE is another example of how we are redefining the way people engage with museums. It allows Conner Prairie to gain valuable insight into how we can better serve educators and evolve to meet the needs of a 21st-century curriculum. We believe that this partnership will serve as a model for museums and schools across the nation and provide a roadmap on how they can leverage each other’s resources to create a dynamic learning environment.

Fourth-grade students from the 12 area elementary schools will have the opportunity to visit Conner Prairie and work alongside HSE teacher-in-residence Amy Murch for a two-day “study trip.” They will be able to interact with our interpreters and may access all 1,000 acres of the property. We're excited to host more than 1,500 students during the 2018-19 school year. The students are using the Symphony Bowl support building during this school term before moving to the newly restored and expanded Prairie House during fall and spring when our summer camps are not in session. The Prairie House renovation and expansion project is underway and should be completed by early May 2019.