Mayor Hogsett Visits Conner Prairie

We were honored to host Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett last month. I took great pride in showing him around our magnificent grounds and telling him about its rich history. Our tour concluded at the new River Overlook where we talked about how we are currently connecting with the White River and how we plan to make it even more accessible and a learning resource in the future. As you might already know, we’re not the only ones focusing on the White River and its many assets with a regional White River Maser Plan now underway. Reimagining connectivity was on the Mayor’s mind and it was great to discuss the river’s many uses with him.

While we were walking around our property, we encountered participants from our Photography Summer Camp program and had fun posing for pictures both for and with them. Before he departed I gave Mayor Hogsett one of our Conner Prairie “River People” caps and asked him to wear it proudly as a statement about how we are all River People as we plan together to use and preserve the region’s most valuable natural resource.