Conner Prairie Puts Spotlight on White River

Until recently, the White River, which carves a path through Indiana, has never been accessible to our members and guests. As you know, we recently opened our White River Lookout near Treetop Outpost that gives visitors a beautiful view of the river as it flows around our grounds. We’re excited about the upcoming opportunities that will engage the river further and transform how our guests experience Conner Prairie.

Another exploratory step comes in September when we have our first ever Family Adventure Weekend. While river canoeing has been a staple of our summer camp program for many years we have never allowed the public to access and canoe the White River. During Family Adventure Weekend we will encourage families to enjoy and spend time on the river together while giving us invaluable feedback about the types of activities that people would like to see on the river in the future. Stay tuned for more information.

I recently sat down with Indianapolis Business Journal and talked about upcoming events this fall as well as the future of our river activation and more specifics of our 20-year master plan. You can read the full article here.