First Responders Day Recap

First responders have played a vital role throughout history. Whether it be Minutemen at Concord and Lexington, the Tennessee Volunteers from my home state, or those responding to natural disasters and acts of terrorism, there have always been dedicated people who respond to crisis and help others. Conner Prairie is honored to be able to celebrate these heroes and thank them for keeping our communities safe. During our inaugural First Responders Day on August 4 it was wonderful to watch as the community came together to share our gratitude as first responders and their families came out to enjoy a day at Conner Prairie.

True to their creed, the Girl Scouts gave back to the first responder family with heartfelt thanks and delicious cookies that were appreciated by all in our Welcome Center!

Our creative programming included a re-creation of a fire, with teams of residents of Prairietown working together with our own Dr. Campbell, the sheriff, and others to put out fires, catch thieves and respond to medical emergencies. Watching children and adults alike join a bucket brigade to put out a fire in Prairietown demonstrated that community spirit and cooperation is still alive and well. 

Our staff continuously goes above and beyond, like those heroes we celebrated this past weekend. Thanking our First Responders calls for nothing less.