Conner Prairie Debuts new mission, vision, values, and new DEAI statement

Our Vision

If you weren't able to make today's All Staff Meeting, you missed out on some exciting updates to our Mission, Vision and Values! Conner Prairie has been pioneering the museum experience for nearly half a century. Starting with Eli Lilly's vision to create a destination to where people can experience history in ways that books can't teach, to the strides in our robust programming and experiential learning, we deal with the constant challenge of adapting in alI areas of our work. Including our internal way of working.

We are proud to showcase our new mission of why we exist and that we will now be referencing Conner Prairie as a “unique historic place."

New Mission: Conner Prairie is a unique historic place that inspires curiosity and fosters learning by providing engaging and individualized experiences for everyone.

We've also made slight changes to our values language.

Heart for the Past

Create meaningful connections
Reflect the makeup of the wider world in our stories
Preserve and respect our grounds, gifts and assets

Head for the Present

Take ownership and trust others to do the same
Be curious and share what you know
Identify and adapt to change by taking smart risks

Eye to the Future

Evolve to fit the needs of the community
Improve and grow Conner Prairie to be better than you found it
Establish and support a culture of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI Promise Statement)

In addition to these changes, we’ve developed a new DEAI Promise Statement that reflects our eye to the future for everyone.

New DEAI Statement

Conner Prairie is a place where the doors are always open to a diversity of voice and limitless experiences.

All of these changes have been reviewed and approved by our Leadership Team and Conner Prairie's board.