Conner Prairie, CICOA Partner to Advocate for Dementia Awareness and Inclusion

CICOAConner Prairie has a long track record of creating welcoming environments for guests with sensory or developmental challenges, and now we are expanding our commitment to inclusion by joining the Dementia Friends Indiana movement.

Dementia Friends Indiana is a coalition of organizations and individuals seeking to advance education and awareness of dementia. CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions administers the program across the state and last year launched a pilot program in Hamilton County in which we are proud to participate.

As proponents of inclusion, we want to engage all guests who walk through our doors and grounds with opportunities to enjoy our peaceful nature trails, interaction with our interpretation staff and have opportunities to enjoy hands-on learning with our monthly Memory Cafe’s.

No single organization can address this issue alone and we are proud to work within our community to build a more dementia friendly environment for our guests and their families.

To achieve this goal, the museum will be implementing the following changes:
  • Staff and volunteers are taking Dementia Friends training to recognize signs and understand how to interact with those with dementia.

  • Museum maps and signage highlight designated areas with resting benches and quiet spots.

  • Conner Prairie will host an early opening with free admission so guests with dementia and their caregivers can enjoy a quieter experience while exploring the museum.

  • On Aug.16, Conner Prairie is hosting its first Memory Café, a monthly series of 90-minute programs hosted in the Welcome Center.