Our Smithsonian Affiliation

Smithsonian AffiliateIs the Smithsonian in your neighborhood?

Yes it is, at Conner Prairie.

In 46 states, Puerto Rico and Panama, more than 200 Smithsonian Affiliate organizations are connecting the Smithsonian with their local communities. Conner Prairie is a Smithsonian Affiliate and has been since 2008.

Visitors to Smithsonian affiliates throughout the country may view major works of art, historic objects of flight, wonders of nature, icons of American history and other artifacts, artworks and scientific specimens from the Smithsonian’s national collections throughout the year. Smithsonian affiliates may also offer special educational programs designed for schools, centers serving preschool and kindergarten through grade 12 students and adult learners.

You can be a member of Conner Prairie – and the Smithsonian

Membership is the most cost-effective way to experience all that Conner Prairie has to offer.

Now, those who sign up to become Explorer- and Conner Society-level members of Conner Prairie will also receive a free membership to the Smithsonian Institute, made possible by Conner Prairie’s Smithsonian Affiliate status.

Smithsonian museums are the most widely visible part of the Smithsonian Institution and consist of 19 museums and galleries in the U.S. and the National Zoological Park. Seventeen of the museums are located in Washington, D.C., with 11 located on the National Mall.

About your exclusive Smithsonian membership

The Smithsonian Affiliate initiative, which began in 1996, allows local institutions throughout the U.S. the chance to offer Smithsonian assets to their visitors, including traveling exhibits, temporary exhibits, artifacts, speakers, authors and more. Conner Prairie became Indiana’s first Smithsonian Affiliate in 2008.

The Smithsonian membership includes:

A one-year subscription to Smithsonian Magazine
Every issue of Smithsonian puts you in touch with the fascinating and the intriguing — in history, science, nature and art. Travel with the archeologists, brainstorm with the futurists, explore with naturalists and discover the wonder of our world and your place in it. Subscribers to either magazine will receive 11 issues throughout the year.

A personalized Smithsonian Affiliate membership card

Free admission to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York
Cooper Hewitt is the only museum in the U.S. devoted exclusively to historical and contemporary design. It is the steward of one of the most diverse and comprehensive design collections in existence — more than 210,000 design objects spanning 30 centuries. From ancient textiles and works on paper to icons of modern design and cutting-edge technologies, Cooper Hewitt’s collection serves as inspiration for creative work of all kinds and tells the story of design’s paramount importance in improving our world. Housed in the landmark Andrew Carnegie Mansion, Cooper Hewitt offers a wide breadth of items in its collection.

A 10% discount on all Smithsonian Folkways Recordings products
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation, preservation and dissemination of sound. The label believes that musical and cultural diversity contributes to the vitality and quality of life throughout the world. Through the dissemination of audio recordings and educational materials, the label seeks to strengthen people's engagement with their own cultural heritage and to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of others.

10% discount on IMAX tickets at the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian Affiliate Reciprocal Membership program is a network of Smithsonian Affiliate museums and educational organizations. Smithsonian members from participating Smithsonian Affiliate organizations like Conner Prairie who present a valid Smithsonian Affiliate membership card are entitled to the following privileges at participating affiliate institutions throughout the U.S.:

  • Free admission
  • Member discounts on purchases made on the premises for concert and lecture tickets
  • Discounts in gift stores
  • Family memberships


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