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Step back in time to a bustling pioneer town where the people, animals,

objects, buildings and daily routines are just as they were in the 19th

century. Pick up an Achievement Card at the Outfitter’s Cart and become

a herdsman, kitchen helper, traveler or merchant. Play games, learn

a trade and help residents with chores. There is plenty for your entire

family to see and do!

Explore the life, culture and relationship between the Lenape Indians

and American fur traders in the year 1816 when Indiana became a state.

Negotiate a deal at the Trading Post, say


in Lenape, and discover

who had power in the Turtle Clan. You might also learn how to throw a

tomahawk, tan hides, or fire a flintlock rifle.


Step into 1859 Lafayette, Ind., and experience the story of aeronaut John

Wise’s first airmail flight in the U.S. You can fly more than 350 feet into

the air in a tethered helium–filled balloon (weather dependent, additional

fee) and experience aviation firsthand. 1859 Balloon Voyage 1836 PRA I R I ETOWN