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“ It is amazing to see the confidence

and poise these kids have. Over time,

we see them learn and grow, and

eventually take a sense of ownership.

I am VERY proud of them.”

- Stephanie Buchanan

Assistant Livestock Manager and Youth Agriculture Mentor

“So many of my life skills have been sharpened right here. People say,

‘were you raised in a barn?’ like it’s a bad thing. I take it as a compliment!”

“I used to be the shyest kid. By volunteering here, I’ve become more

confident and more comfortable. Now I can walk up to people, introduce

myself, even start a conversation! It’s awesome.”

“I have a better understanding of the farming industry. Someone provides

your hay; someone provides your grain. Meals don’t magically appear at

the grocery store. It takes

a lot

of work!”



The YAC team is entrusted to play a key role in planning and implementing our

Cattle Auction weekend program. This special program allows guests to learn

about the cattle of Prairietown as townspeople get ready to put their prize

cattle up for auction. You can perform chores throughout the day and even

bid to “buy” a cow of your own!