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In the Animal Encounters barn, you can enjoy front row access to farm

animals and the skilled agricultural staff members who care for them.

Here, you can observe animals as they eat and play while you start to

understand the big agricultural ideas that shape our lives.


We raise our animals using low-stress handling methods that make them

perfectly fit to interact with guests of all ages. Here, animals can make

decisions on their own, without being led. When they need rest after

lots of fun human interaction, you might even notice some animals taking

a break!


How do we pick which breeds will live on our farm? First, we ask if they fit

within the context of our 1836 Prairietown area. Next, we determine if the

breed is gentle, well-tempered and interacts well with humans. Finally,

we look for animals that illuminate interesting facets of the Conner Prairie



Right on our grounds, the agriculture team performs high-tech

procedures like artificial insemination. We also partner with organizations

like Purdue University and the National Germplasm Preservation Program

to conduct scientific research and preserve crucial animal DNA.