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Visit Conner Prairie and you will have the opportunity to get up close to

unique heritage breed animals. We are home to one of the largest stocks

of these rare breeds in the United States. Without action—like the scientific

research and reproductive assistance that happen right here on our

grounds—these animals might disappear entirely.

Though they may not match the output of many modern farm animals,

these animals offer an important link to the past. Their genetic information

might be vital for scientific research or in the creation of medicines.




Island Hog

These hogs can store

massive amounts of body

fat to survive seasons

where there isn’t much

food available. Scientists

believe they could be

critical in discovering

a cure for non-insulin-

dependent diabetes in

human beings.

Arapawa Goat

Considered the rarest

breed of goat, the

Arapawa is incredibly

disease resistant, making

it a crucial resource for

animal researchers. These

hardy animals can survive

harsh weather and poor

growing conditions.


Longhorn Cattle

These animals are even-

tempered, live long

lives, and reproduce

easily. Their milk is high

in butterfat, which is

useful in the creation of

delicious cheeses. They

are now so rare that they

no longer appear on lists

of endangered animals.