Pre-Visit Information and Forms

Thank you for choosing Conner Prairie as your educational destination! Your trip to the past is about to begin! This pre-visit information is designed to help you prepare for your journey. We have included a check-in form, an information sheet for chaperones (two-sided), a map of Conner Prairie with behavior guidelines (two-sided), information on each historic area and suggestions for classroom activities to supplement your visit. 

TEACHER VOUCHER: Visit for FREE before your field trip! Bring this voucher with you for one free teacher admission to plan your school visit to Conner Prairie. 

Field Trip Reservations

If you need to make a self-guided field trip reservation, please complete the School Tours Reservation form to request your preferred tour dates. For specific educational field trip programs, please view the School Programs Catalog and call 317-776-6000 to make your reservation.

View the school tour map.

Download the field trip guide.

Download the Guide to the Experience Areas.

Download the science guide.

Download the STEM at Conner Prairie Guide.

Prior to your visit please complete each item on this check-list.

  • Review the pre-visit orientation packet.
  • Print off the check in-form and have it ready when you arrive.
  • Make copies of the chaperone materials
        - map
        - chaperone sheet
  • Download the 1859 Balloon Voyage Waiver.
  • Send home permission slips and notes to parents.
  • Recruit adult chaperones. (One for every 10 students in grades 2 and above.
    One for every five students in pre-kindergarten through grade 1).
  • Divide students into groups and assign an adult leader to each group.
  • Fill out chaperone information sheet with student lists, teacher goals and other information.
  • Create (or have students create) school name tags for each adult and student to wear that have the school name and teacher name on them.
  • Review guidelines and goals with your students.
  • Remind students what to wear for their visit. Conner Prairie operates in all kinds of weather.
  • Arrange payment so it can be made with one check, credit card or purchase order.
  • View the orientation presentation with your students (below).