Book Club - Civil Rights

Students will read a novel the prior month and then come to CP to complete activities related to the book.

Homeschool program fees are good for the program only. Parents must remain on site during the program.

If you would like to tour the experience areas on your own, you must purchase admission at our Self-Guided School Tour prices. Students/siblings would pay $6, one educator would be complimentary, and additional adult chaperones would pay $8.50. If you will be bringing older or younger siblings with you for the December or March programs, siblings are welcome in our off-season indoor areas for a $6 charge.

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$15 per student, 1 free educator.
Can add on a general school tour for $6 per student, 1 free educator, $8.50 per additional adult.
Grades 3-8


  • April 26, 2019 - April 26, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Reservations are required, please call Guest Services at 317-776-6000
to reserve your spot in a program. Limit of 25 students per class.