Kevyn Miller will forever be a cornerstone of Conner Prairie

We are joining together to mourn the loss of Conner Prairie Livestock Manager Kevyn Miller, but we are also coming together to celebrate the tremendous impact he had not only on our museum, but on all of us personally. Kevyn’s smile, joy, and enthusiasm were contagious, and his knowledge, work ethic, and caring personality were second to none. “Kevyn was a beloved staff member for over 12 years and was the heart and soul of our animal program,” said Conner Prairie Vice President and Chief Programs Officer Richard Cooper.
Kevyn embodied the values we hold dear at Conner Prairie. He had a heart for the past by cultivating the Heritage Breeds program that is home to one of the largest stocks of these historic breeds in the United States. He had a head for the present by being a leader in our community and state – as past president of the Indiana Simmental Association, and past president of the Boone County Beef Producers Association. He had an eye to the future by investing much of his time and energy as a mentor and guide to young people, actively working with Conner Prairie’s youth volunteer groups and as a 4-H beef project leader.
Conner Prairie President & CEO Norman Burns said it best: “I believe that the true measure of a man can be taken in the life lead by his family and friends. That means to me that we will all carry more than just Kevyn’s memory with us - we become the true embodiment of his spirit, life, values and experiences.”

Click here to see a special video honoring Kevyn. The password to view the video is: animalencounters