your visit

Your generosity means everyone gets a seat at history's table.

We believe in reinvention, but only when it is mission-driven. We believe in taking risks, but only when they serve to enrich the experience of our guests. We are grateful for so much, including your generosity.

Our mission is to inspire curiosity and foster learning for all children, students, and adults who come through our doors. This task would be downright impossible without your help. Last year, donors, like you, helped us impact the lives of nearly 50,000 students from 115 school systems representing 505 schools. Your donations also helped us host two Homeschool Days that drew more than 1,700 guests.

Conner Prairie is a life-changing experience for those who visit, but you and I both know that not all families are so fortunate. There are too many children who miss the opportunity to experience all we have to offer because of budget cutbacks, financial hardship, and difficult circumstances.
You have the opportunity to change that. With just a small act of generosity, you can help us serve children all over the state of Indiana.

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