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Curiosity Fair

Kids and kids at heart are invited to play, create and investigate the mysteries of the world around them at our two-day festival in June.

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When we were kids, the world was filled with amazing, wonderful things to discover. Curiosity Fair takes that spirit and runs with it!

Through a series of activities, presentations and hands-on demonstrations, the whole family will be encouraged to ask questions, share knowledge and ignite the urge to discover.

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A BMX rider flies high in the sky
BMX Stunt Shows

Come see these high-flying BMX'ers from Wonder Wheels BMX that promote education and making smart choices. Join us to see some of their amazing tricks while they soar through the air.
Meet unique animals from the Columbian Park Zoo
The Columbian Park Zoo, located in Lafayette, IN, will be bringing some of its animals to inspire educational discovery and exploration.

Boy petting lizard outdoors at Curiosity Fair

Chemistry Is a Blast
Get ready for Eli Lilly’s hands-on experience where presentations are 50% science class and 50% wow! Get a front row seat to this spectacle that showcases colorful chemical reactions and explosive experiments.

Boy blows up helium balloon making firey explosion

Professor Steve
Professor Steve uses various items (sometimes toilet paper!) to demonstrate forces such as air pressure, gravity and inertia. You don’t want to miss this entertaining show.

And don't miss these activities!
  • Explore Architecture with Indiana Landmarks
  • Discover how we predict weather with Thermodynamic Solutions
  • Take a ride in the Indiana Geologic and Water Survey's earthquake trailer
  • Become a maker and create new things with Nickel Plate Arts
  • Meet unique local artists and see how they create works of beauty
  • Discover how radio communication works
  • Explore the science behind your teeth with Hallmark Othodontics
  • Discover how to grow your own fresh, organic food with Aggressively Organic
  • Explore Indiana’s wildlife and find ways you can help through conserving habitat with Indiana Wildlife Federation
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Curiosity Fair

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