Conner Prairie joins museums around the globe in support of the History Relevance campaign

In its continuing push to advocate for the future of museums, Conner Prairie will join more than 150 similar institutions around the globe in an online campaign to promote teaching and learning history.

History Relevance is a group of history professionals working at places like the Smithsonian Institution and other museums, the National Archives and historical societies to nonprofits, trusts, estates and more. Formed in 2013, the group adopted a value statement to promote the importance of teaching and learning history.

On Wednesday, March 15, history supporters are encouraged to share the organization’s value statement on social media using #HistoryRelevance. The seven-point statement outlines critical ways the study of history is essential to individuals, communities and society’s future. Supporters are also asked to post their best photos of them at their favorite place in history on social media using the same hashtag. See the gallery below for some fun pics from our fellow supporters.

“History is not a series of human events to remember and regurgitate. It is about the human experience and the conditions that created those events,” said Conner Prairie President and CEO Norman Burns. Burns serves on History Relevance’s national steering committee. “The history of humanity is the history of ideas and its creations. Museums like Conner Prairie are uniquely positioned to teach, foster engaged citizens and help build bridges across cultures and generations. That’s why as an organization, we're deeply involved with this movement.”

For more, visit www.historyrelevance.com.

Social media photos from supporters