Shear Fun continues to exemplify its name … attendance goes up 142% from 2017

Kevyn would no doubt be pleased that Shear Fun continues to be successful as a fun and educational program for families of all ages. This amply named program continues to grow with 2,365 people participating this year (more than doubled from last year).  It’s obvious that guests had fun and want to see more because we doubled the amount of memberships sold from the prior year (81 in 2018). This is a testament to all the hard work and dedication our programming and agriculture teams do to make Shear Fun a family experience.
Shear Fun welcomes and engages guests with wonderful experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Where else can you get an inside look at how to move livestock like expert Tim Curts does for us every year with his amazing Border Collies? Where else can you see physics in action with compound machines like historic spinning wheels? Where else can you see the entire process of wool coming from an animal to make a blanket or scarf? It’s only at Conner Prairie, a place where history, science and nature interplay to make unique experiences every day.