Educational collaboration is a win-win for Fishers and Conner Prairie

On Wednesday, March 14th I was honored to be a guest of Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness’ State of the City address, where he announced a collaborative initiative between the City of Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern schools, and Conner Prairie to establish a citywide campus for the future. This groundbreaking program, called Fishers First, delineates how Conner Prairie, the schools and the city can work together and bring unique and unequalled learning opportunities to propel our kids into the competitive higher education and work arenas.
The Fishers First collaboration between our three organizations began with a conversation around long term sustainability of Fishers, which led to the goal of creating a world-class educational journey for Fishers students that would combine experiential learning with innovation, collaboration, and new experiences outside the classroom.
I am proud of Conner Prairie’s increasing role as a community resource while supporting Mayor Fadness’s vision of success for the region. This new initiative means that Conner Prairie can begin to realize its dream to utilize over 1,000 acres of land and 3.3 miles of river frontage. We will now be a city-wide learning laboratory for students of all ages to learn first-hand about the science and sustainability of natural resources, agriculture, community engagement and cultural experiences, health, wellness, and recreation and leadership development.
As Mayor Fadness invited Superintendent Dr. Allan Bourff and myself to join him on the podium to discuss our vision of this initiative, I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have a world class city, educational system and interactive learning museum in one distinct location whose combined resources will ensure an unmatched opportunity for Fishers' children.