Improved Animal Encounters Barn offers even more opportunities to learn about our top-notch rare breeds program.

At Conner Prairie, we pride ourselves in how we inspire curiosity and create wonder in children and adults alike. Our ground-breaking rare breeds program is a great example. This is truly a “rare” program in our region so I’m happy to announce that, in July, we’ll be making several enhancements to the Animal Encounters barn, which will include information about our heritage breeds.
The exhibit panels will change seasonally to show the different types of experiences taking place in the barn throughout the year. Guests will be able to explore our new breed book and baby-arrivals board to learn all about the types of rare animals that call Conner Prairie home. In addition, there will be a new hand washing station, a dedicated staff storage space and new lighting fixtures to enhance the guest experience as they meet our four-legged friends. I am excited to roll out these new improvements and upgrades to one of our most-cherished places at Conner Prairie, especially in time for us to host  the 2018 Heritage Livestock Conference in early November.