Mother Nature makes her presence known!

Rainy, hot, and humid - frog strangler rains followed by scorching heat and shirt-drenching humidity. I must be referencing weather in the Deep South, right? Well yes, but it is also an apt description of the weather pattern at Conner Prairie this summer. Mark Twain once said, ‘Climate is what we expect, and weather is what we get.’ One of the great things about Conner Prairie is whether it’s a frog strangling rain or scorching heat, our creative staff and curiosity site has something in store for you. If it’s raining, our interpretive staff just pulls inside the museum center and creates an Interpretive Library where you get to visit one-on-one with Prairietown characters and learn about Indiana history and historic trades. Of course when it’s dry, we have incredible opportunities for guests to explore nature and take part in outdoor programming and daily experiences throughout the site.
One sign of summer is that attendance often dips at most outdoor attractions when the thermometer gets over 90 degrees, but at Conner Prairie that just means that the residents of Prairietown and our guests look for new ways to beat the heat. Did you know that almost 50% of Conner Prairie’s program area is covered in shade? Don’t be surprised to find the residents of Prairietown under a shade tree or in the breezeway on a porch. They are constantly trying out new and interesting ways to cool down. Next time you’re trying to beat the heat of an Indiana summer, try these options out for yourselves. 
Noonin’ - Take a relaxing nap from noon - 3pm to avoid the hottest part of the day, just like field hands would. 
Keep fresh hankies handy - Mimic Mrs. Campbell by always keeping a clean hanky handy to blot at your face. 
Lot about finding a breeze - Perch yourself on the nearest window ledge and take a breather.
No darting - The method of taking it easy in high temps.
Another way to stay cool while exploring Conner Prairie is by having a seat and watching the White River flow past at our newly opened River Lookout. This enticing spot provides day-long shade and a nice respite from the non-stop action happening in nearby Treetop Outpost where you can also take in a program at the Nature Amphitheater and Treetop Classroom.  And if you’re looking for the perfect way to keep the kids cool, have them splash the day away in our newly reimagined River Crossing. So the next time you think it’s too hot to spend the day outdoors at Conner Prairie, just remember to play it cool.