Heart for the Past, Head for the Present, Eye to the Future

We recently worked to reshape the principals that guide our work at Conner Prairie to be more personable and memorable. These values truly get to the heart of the relevance of history and how we approach our mission at Conner Prairie to inspire curiosity and foster learning.  Simply stated, at Conner Prairie we have a Heart for the Past, Head for the Present and an Eye to the Future.

By having a heart for the past means we look to create meaningful connections for guests and each other while preserving and using our resources to reflect the makeup of the wider world in our stories. By having a head for the present means that we take ownership in our work, are curious and share what we know, and are continually identifying and adapting to change. By having an eye to the future means we are continually growing Conner Prairie and making it better than we found it and ever evolving to fit the needs of the community while supporting a culture of inclusion and equity. You will hear more about how we are using these in future editions of Norman’s Notes.