Sold out Breakfast with the Easter Bunny highlights Saturday’s fun activities

What do Bono and the Easter Bunny at Conner Prairie have in common? They are both rock stars that perform to sold out crowds of adoring fans! Our well-loved and well-attended Breakfast with the Easter Bunny was a hit once again this weekend. We sold out both of our time slots, and had to add spots due to the popularity of the event. It’s great seeing loving parents and grandparents laughing and connecting with their kids and grandkids. A few children were even giving the Easter Bunny a high-five, so I’d like to follow suit and give a high-five to everyone that makes this event the overwhelming success it is every year. There’s no better place to be than Conner Prairie to celebrate spring.

Easter on the Prairie was equally as popular, despite the blustery winds, as we welcomed 1,634 guests. After Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, many of the attendees hopped over to our outdoor grounds for our biggest event of the day – Easter egg hunts! We offered four different egg hunts, so all age groups had a fair shake at getting treats and prizes. I am proud to share how our talented programing team also incorporated science into the day – and they made it extremely fun! I bet you never thought Peeps could be shot out of a cannon, but our team showed just how resilient these colorful marshmallows could be. They also conducted a series of experiments on them, and helped the crowd form hypotheses around what would happen. I am grateful to our talented staff and their continued commitment to integrate history and STEM to make these activities fun, memorable and accessible.