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What’s in your stocking?

I still remember the great excitement and joy when I was a child of waking up on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree and special treats in my stocking hung under the fireplace mantle.
I would dump the stocking’s contents on the floor and quickly discard the obligatory orange, apple, banana and the hazelnuts, walnuts and pecans to find the special candies, gum, small gifts and fireworks. Yes, fireworks. What were my parents thinking?
I can tell you that I’ve had the same excitement and joy this entire year, waking up each day to find Conner Prairie and the special presents that waited my unpacking.
I’ve found colleagues who are passionate, talented and creative, who work hard to fulfill our mission. Our board members, who are committed to our current and future successes, really impress me. I’ve grown closer to generous donors who have given special gifts to ensure our today and tomorrows.
And as we have worked on our new comprehensive site master plan, I’ve discovered some fireworks to ring in a new year and illuminate the sky over the prairie for years to come. You don’t want to miss our annual meeting next month, when many of these new ideas will be shared.
My wish to you this holiday season is that you find your own stocking overflowing with good cheer and health for 2018.

Happy holidays to you and yours from the leadership team at Conner Prairie.