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Conner Prairie Alliance awards 2018 gift to museum

I was honored to accept a financial gift from the Conner Prairie Alliance last week at its annual meeting that will be used for improvements to one of our outdoor experiences and support two programs.
Around $90,000 will be utilized to make improvements to our River Crossing play area inside Civil War Journey. Of the remaining funds, $2,500 will support our textile operations and $2,500 to the agriculture department.
The Alliance, of which my wife Sandy is a proud member, has now raised more than $1.2 million to support the museum since the group was founded in 1982. Most of the funds the group raises come from the sale of goods from the Apple Store, which opened its doors in 1985. The store is open for just two months each fall and all Alliance members work very hard to provide unmatched service to their loyal customers during that time.
I thank all Alliance members for their time, talents, skills and support. Your gift is remarkable and your service is incredible. The Alliance is always looking for new members, too.