Outreach Programs


Do you want a Conner Prairie adventure brought to you? Our highly-trained staff are available to deliver interactive, educational programs right to your classroom. Programs cover a variety of topics. They can be tailored for grades K–12 and arranged to fit your schedule. Prices start at $125 plus mileage. For more information, call 317.776.6006 or 800.966.1836.

Programs include the following:

Pioneer Sampler (Pre-K through Grade 2)

A costumed staff member will visit your preschool or day care center and present a variety of hands-on activities that reflect life in the 1800s. Students will learn how to stay warm with sheep’s wool, how to use tools, how to string apples.  They will also enjoy a broom dance.

1836 Schoolmaster (Grades 1-4)

Experience school in 1836! Give your scholars this opportunity to interact with Conner Prairie’s schoolmaster or schoolmistress to learn ciphering, geography, civics and even manners—all loud-school style. If they learn their lessons quickly, time may allow for some period games.

William Conner's Tough Choices (Grades 3-4)

This is a museum theater performance in which two storytellers vividly illuminate Conner’s life and times through their descriptions of the choices he made. The program covers the story of William Conner and his family from their early years in Ohio through his role in the development of Hamilton County.

NEW! Rebuilding the House of Stone (Grade 8)

The Civil War not only divided the nation, it also deeply divided families. This one-act play tells the story of Henry and Valentine Stone, two real Indiana brothers who were torn apart when one fought for the North and the other fought for the South.