Curiosity Fair

Presented by
Dow AgroSciences

June 14-15, 2014
10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Included with paid general admission

Celebrate inquisitive spirits during this festival of wonder and exploration! Kids (and kids at heart) are invited to play, create and investigate the mysteries of the world around them. Through a series of interactive exhibits, soaring demonstrations and hands-on experiments you’ll be encouraged to look at your surroundings differently and ask questions, like ... How do 3D printers work? How can drones help with farm work? How does light move? Why are bees yellow and black?

Find out how things work by dissecting electronics at the Deconstruction Zone; watching bicycles soar with the Wonder Wheels BMX stunt team; firing a potato cannon; controlling a robot with IndianaFIRST Robotics; discovering how lasers work, and shaking, rattling and rolling your handmade building or tower to see how it stands up to the earthquake shake table. It’s a weekend of mind-blowing fun!

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Deconstruction Zone - What's inside those electronics? Here's your chance to grab some tools and find out. Discover what's inside.

Cannon Science - Have a blast with science as you discover what makes a cannon go boom! Watch as our Civil War cannon fires your senses. Then try your hand at firing our potato cannons.

Imagination Playground - Let your imagination run wild as you create unique structures out of these super-sized building blocks.

Up & Away - • How do hot air balloons work compared to helium? Try your hand at creating a plastic bag balloon and see how far your creation can soar.

Shake, Rattle and Roll - Design a building or tower and test its strength during an earthquake on our interactive shake tables.

Whirling Vortexes - From vortex cannons and tornado tubes to experimenting with a fire vortex, see how air can really stir things up.

Grown from Seeds - Discover how carrots and our plant based foods are made. Make a paper pot to take home and start your own plant from seed.


We thank the following participants for their involvement in Curiosity Fair:

DOW AgroSciences
IndianaFirst Robotics
Professor Steve
Wonder Wheels BMX Stunt Show
Reynolds Farm Equipment
Academy of Model Aeronautics
IUPUI Department of Forensic Sciences
Hoosier Kite Flyers Society
Citizens Energy
Indiana Beekeepers' Society
The Wheelmen
Vincennes University’s Aviation Technology Center
Purdue University’s College of Agriculture
Indianapolis Regional Origami Network of Folders
Nickel Plate Arts
Bell Aquaculture
Fourth Wall Ensemble
Mad Science
More to come....!