History Up Close Programs

Connect with your group by sharing in one of our exciting group programs—some in air-conditioned comfort! Your group will take part in an interactive, one-hour presentation on the topic of your choice. Your topic may be presented in the Welcome Center or on the historic grounds by a member of our award-winning staff. One-hour programs and tours can be scheduled anytime during regular operating hours by reservation two weeks in advance.

  • $8 per person
  • 15 person minimum, 25 person maximum unless noted
  • Add a visit to our historic areas and explore at your own pace (group rate of $11 per person, $7 for youth ages 2-12).
  • Top off your day with a tasty group meal.  Group meal options


Threads of Time: Historic Textiles

Learn how textiles were produced in the 19th century and watch the fascinating processes of spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Examine quilts and coverlets of the past.
(50 person maximum)

19th-Century Clothing: 100 Years of Fashion

Chat with Conner Prairie's historic clothing coordinator and get up to speed on the changing fashions of the 1800s. Discover how we bring these styles to life in our historic areas. (50 person maximum)

Vault Tour

Have you ever been curious about Conner Prairie’s antiques? Some are part of the Conner House and Prairietown’s furnishings, some are used as templates to create reproductions, and some belonged to William Conner and Eli Lilly.  Find out more from our artifact collections staff as they give you the tour and  discover how the artifacts contribute to your experiences at Conner Prairie.

Home-Grown History: Heirloom Gardening

Explore our gardens and discover flowers, herbs and vegetables of the 19th century. Select a guided tour of the Conner House garden devoted to flowers and herbs, or discover the vegetable and medicinal gardens of 1836.

What Is That? Artifact Identification

Become a historical private eye and try to determine the usage of selected artifacts from our collections. Lift, touch and examine each item. Find the true nature of each object and learn how it was actually used.
50 person maximum

Restoration Tour: Conner House

The Conner House is one of only two 19th-century buildings original to Conner Prairie and the only one we know for certain was built by William Conner. Learn about the restoration of the home and discover intriguing facts about Conner Prairie’s preservation process.

Let us plan the perfect day for you and your group. Email, call 317.776.6006 or 800.966.1836 or fax 317.776.6243.