Adult and Youth Group Tours

$7/youth age 2–12
Free for tour escorts and bus drivers
Minimum: 15 people

Let us plan the perfect day for you and your group. Email or call 317.776.6006 or 800.966.1836.

Connect with your group as you dive into the ultimate discover-and-learn experience. You not only see what life was like in the 1800s, you experience it together. Immerse yourself in the lives of the Lenape Indians, strike a deal with the Prairietown store owner or help catch the chickens at the Golden Eagle complex. Trek along the Nature Walk and soar in the 1859 Balloon Voyage. indoors, experience Create.Connect for scientific exploration, let small children creatively play in Discovery Station and make a take-home craft in Craft Corner. Each area offers new dynamic and interactive experiences to help engage you and your group in history. Inspire curiosity in your group by letting them touch and feel history with their own hands!

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Things to See and Do

Nature Walk

Take a trek along the new Nature Walk and discover a different view of the prairie! Explore Conner Prairie’s natural setting up close as you walk through a forest and along the top of a levee that is flanked by woods, farmland, prairie and the White River. Along the way you will discover plant and animal life that call this part of Conner Prairie their home. Take a break on one of several benches along the path, and stay quiet to listen for and spot different critters rustling around you. Talk about the importance of nature, and learn how land was used in the past by Native Americans and William Conner, and how it is being used today. At the end of the trail you will find the Lookout, an elevated observation deck, that provides a wonderful view of the restored prairie, which was created to attract certain migratory birds. 

1863 Civil War Journey: Raid on Indiana

This incredible one-of-a-kind experience puts you right in the middle of a brush with the Civil War. Through video and Conner Prairie actors dressed in authentic period costumes, you will be drawn into the true story of General John Hunt Morgan's cavalry raid on Indiana. There is plenty for children to see and do in the River Crossing Play Area, including a water splash play area, indoor play zone and replica steamboat to climb aboard.

1859 Balloon Voyage

Discover one of the earliest chapters of aviation history at Conner Prairie’s 1859 Balloon Voyage. Experiment with the science and technology of ballooning, then soar 350 feet above the landscape in a tethered, helium-filled balloon and see the world like John Wise did! (There is an additional fee for the Ballon Voyage and the attraction is weather-permitting.)

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is the perfect place for an introduction to Conner Prairie. It’s filled with fun, interactive activities and an orientation video produced just for you! Conner Prairie representatives are on hand to help you make the most of your visit. Fashion a craft in Craft Corner, experiment in the Science Lab or visit the Discovery Station play area. Round out the visit with a stop in the Conner Prairie Store which offers locally-produced food items, such as preserves, books, unique games and toys, and much more.

Lenape Indian Camp

Explore the wigwams in Conner Prairie's earliest historic area. Experience the lives of the Lenape, or Delaware, Indians and strike a deal with a fur trader. Get some tomahawk training too and try to hit the target.

1836 Prairietown

Prairietown is a bustling community struggling to survive in the year 1836. Step back in time where the people, animals, objects, buildings and daily routines are just as they were in the 19th century. Meet the townspeople, take a lesson in the schoolhouse, earn some wages by helping with chores, and spend your earnings at Whitaker’s Store. Take on a role in town and decide if you and your family would like to stay and become a citizen of the town.

William Conner Homestead

Peek into William Conner’s world when you visit his homestead, a treasured piece of Indiana history. Explore the Loom House, gardens and get up close and personal with some of our animals in the Animal Encounters Barn. You can groom and play with baby animals such as lambs, chicks, kids and calves.