River Crossing Play Area

The outdoor experience areas, including River Crossing Play Area, are closed for the season and will open again on March 26, 2015. The outdoor water play area at River Crossing will open Memorial Weekend 2015. Please visit the indoor experience areas, Discovery Station, Create.Connect and Craft Corner, for year round fun and exploration.

At the River Crossing Play Area at 1863 Civil War Journey, families have an engaging spot for children (ages 2-10) to play in a Civil War-themed environment. With both indoor and outdoor play areas and activities featuring boats, Civil War dress-up, climbing structures, and water play, there is plenty to do! And, plenty of places for parents and caregivers to interact with their children, or take a break and watch. Families can compare the present to the past and explore the lifeways of those who lived in Civil War times. The water play area is open Memorial Day-Labor Day. The indoor play area is open April-November 2.

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Alice Dean Steamboat

Clamber aboard this 1860s-era replica steamboat, the vessel that John Hunt Morgan commandeered to cross the Ohio River into Indiana. Steer with the wooden wheel and climb high to explore.

Water Play Table

Experiment with the movement of water as kids guide boats among movable gates, differing currents and obstacles around the 'river'. Take a break from the sun under the canopy and watch the kids splash and play. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting.

Water Cannon Splash Play Area*

Start a (civil) war of the water-shooting kind with water cannons capable of soaking your opponent if you aim right. Get wet in the water splash zone too. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting.

General Store

In this kid-size space, stock the shelves or 'shop' for essentials.

Soldier Tents

Role-play comes alive here - pretend to be a soldier going through daily life.

Civil War-themed Play Table

Indoors, run trains over tracks, build forts and manipulate toy soldiers across the battlefield.

Civil War Dress-up Area

Give these dresses, coats and hats a try. Kids and adults alike can become a civil war-era family.

*A family restroom is available inside the River Crossing Play Area. Please bring a change of clothes if your children plan to get wet in the water splash area. Swimwear is not allowed. Children who are not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers covered by pants with tight-fitting elastic at the waist and legs.