Who Would You be in Prairietown?

What was it like to be a craftsman or a cook in the 19th century? Click on a role below to take a look at the some of the trades and skills that helped or hindered Prairietown's survival. Which role would you be best suited for in 1836?


A cook had a very important and time-consuming job of providing meals every day. Check out some recipes and the daily life of a cook in the 19th century.


Find out the many trades that were useful in towns like Prairietown and what important work a craftsman would do.


The Deputy enforced the laws and tried to keep the peace. Find out about some of the unlikely laws to follow in Prairetown.


From growing crops that put food on the table to caring for farm animals, a farmhand was a vital and very busy individual in Prairietown.


The task of tending to a garden's vegetables and herbs was a vital one for families, since gardens provided nutritious food.


The task of keeping a home clean was much different in 1836. Discover some of the tricks of the trade and see what the daily routine of a housekeeper was like.


Students in the 1800s encountered a much different classroom than the modern-day version. Find out about the typical routine of schoolchildren back then.