Meet the Citizens of Prairietown

In this fictional-yet-historically-accurate-town, you'll find an interesting mix of individuals with differing views on religion, politics and daily life. Get to know them a little better before your next visit, and also find out more about Prairietown's fate!


Doctor and Mrs. Campbell

Dr. Campbell is the founder of Prairietown and as such, wields influence and power and is something of a social elitist. He started Prairietown as an investment, a way to make himself some money. But he is also a very charming and a very smart man. Because of his role in town, many of the town's people owe the doctor money and therefore resent him. In fact, the rumor is he married Mrs. Campbell for money! He has lots for sale to the public and is interested in attracting young families to settle in Prairietown.

The Curtis Family

Mr. Curtis and his sister are Methodist, and teetotalers who abstain from hard spirits. Mr. Curtis provides blacksmithing services to Prairietown. Mrs. Curtis could befriend Mrs. Zimmerman but her differing religious viewpoints make that unlikely.

The Zimmerman Family

Mrs. Zimmerman, a widow, runs the Golden Eagle Inn for Dr. Campbell. She may inwardly disagree with the good doctor on operational issues but would never jeopardize her job by saying anything within his earshot. But when he's not around, listen for the strong feelings expressed for him! Mrs. Zimmerman lives at the Golden Eagle Inn with her sons and daughter-in-law.


Mr. Barker

Jonathan and Isaac Barker make pottery for the Prairietown residents and the Whitaker’s Store. They are proud to own outright the Barker Brothers' Pottery Shop, instead of renting the building from Mr. Curtis.

The Whitakers

Most everyone in town is indebted to Mr. Whitaker, the owner of the store, and must be friendly to him to get a good deal. But Mr. Whitaker doesn't have quite the influence or social savvy of the good Dr. Campbell. And what is the big mystery between Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Whitaker? They hail from the same hometown but no one seems to know why Mr. Whitaker picks on Mr. Ferguson.