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1863 Civil War Journey: Raid on Indiana

Edward Rothstein, The New York Times

"...[Conner Prairie's] costumed interpreters...are unusually well trained. There is an attentiveness to the varied ages of visitors, an attempt to engage families in multiple interactions, an eagerness to share experiences."

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Greg Morris, Indianapolis Business Journal

" become a part of the story. That's the magic of how you learn so much and retain the information after the experience. It's fun. It's flashy. It's a hip, modern way to learn history. Even your tough-to-impress eighth-grader won't know this is an educational exercise."

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Jayne Clark, USA Today

"It's billed as the first exhibit developed for a multi-tasking, instant-gratification-seeking generation that's not enthralled by static arrangements of dusty artifacts... 1863 Civil War Journey at Conner Prairie Interactive History Park near Indianapolis employs high-tech tricks, along with live characters, to draw visitors into the action. More interactive, role-playing experience than mere exhibit, it tells the story of Indiana's only significant Civil War skirmish..."

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