About the
Conner Prairie
Horizon Council

History on Tap
May 30

Join the Conner Prairie Horizon Council and local breweries for the third annual History on Tap, an evening of craft beer at Conner Prairie.
Find out more and buy your tickets here. Early bird pricing is in effect until May 11.

The Horizon Council

The Conner Prairie Horizon Council is an energetic, young professionals group comprised of volunteers (ages 21-40) who share ideas, engage in strategic planning, fundraise and take part in special events. And, have fun! Their voices are heard and perspectives captured as they help envision the Conner Prairie of the future.

How do Horizon Council members contribute?

Horizon Council members dedicate their time and effort in several ways to shape Conner Prairie's future by:

  • Providing feedback and a youthful perspective to Conner Prairie executives and personnel in a variety of ways on current and future programming.
  • Attending and participating in quarterly Council meetings.
  • Engaging in social fundraising and organizing special events.
  • Taking an active interest in Conner Prairie's regular programming and attending at least one public event and volunteering for at least one event per year.
  • Being a public advocate for Conner Prairie by identifying, connecting and cultivating friends and associates as future Horizon Council members. 

Join Us

If you are an energetic young professional (ages 21-40) committed to making a difference in your community, enjoy having fun, sharing your ideas, engaging in strategic planning, fundraising and being a part of special events, please contact us and get involved!


   Conner Prairie Horizon Council