A Curiosity Fair? What's That?

Gail BrownGail Brown - Program Developer
What are you curious about? We asked this question a lot this summer as we talked to youngsters visiting Conner Prairie. We wanted to understand what made kids go, “Hmmm???” Needless to say we received a wide range of topics that kids are curious about:
                Jacob, age 7 - How do you steer a hot air balloon?

                Aaron, age 5 - How does a car engine work?

                Reed, age 10 - How do airplanes fly?
                Callie, age 5 - How do they make carrots

                Lucy, age 10 - How/Why do cars crash?
                Kayla, age 11 - What are some kinds of renewable energy?

We took all of these questions and built our new Curiosity Fair around them, and it has been a lot of fun doing so. It is amazing what different companies, universities, clubs and individuals are doing throughout Indiana and how they apply to answering our questions. We have brought together a wide range of participants that are sure to create a great time for you. For example:

Dow AgroSciences - DNA experiments.

Academy of Model Aeronautics - flight simulators and model airplane demonstrations.

Eli Lilly - Chemistry is a Blast Show. Be prepared for smoke, ooze and bangs.

Andre Jefferson - a local youth who has the world's record for the largest craft stick bomb.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - race cars and engine technology.

Curiosity FairOther activities include: car crash testing, earthquakes, fossils, painting with light, electrical shows, steam engines, antique vehicles, pony rides, musical instruments, big machines, and so much more.  All these activities are a great way to enhance kids’ education in science, technology, engineering, math and history – in an exciting way.

It has been a great experience discovering what children are curious about and trying to find unique ways of answering them. It will be a fun weekend – filled with bangs, zaps, hisses and surprises – that guests all of ages will enjoy!  We hope to see you there.

Have we piqued YOUR curiosity? Do you want to know more? Visit for more information.

We look forward to seeing you September 14 & 15!

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