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Top 9 Reasons for 20 and 30 something’s to Visit CP for Glorious Fourth

In the past seven weeks I have worked at Conner Prairie I get asked a lot what there is to do for people around my age.  To be honest, I had never visited the park before I started my research for the interview process. I didn’t grow up in Indiana, so I have not had the required second or fourth-grade field trip like most Hoosiers; but this place isn’t just for kids. I am going to list my top nine reasons why 20 and 30 something’s should visit this weekend during Glorious Fourth with their friends or significant others.

1.    I’m a huge History Channel fan because of all the fun facts and unique perspective they give me on the past. Why not experience it first hand from local experts who you can engage with? Dr. Campbell always has funny and intriguing stories of medicine and surgery at the time. Or about his wife and her sister.
2.    Who doesn’t love fireworks? Big colorful bursts of light in the sky are cool no matter how old you are. We’re exploring the extremes of heat and fire this weekend to explain how the show-stopping bangs begin.
3.    The older I get, the better I feel about giving back to those in need. We are hosting a blood drive called Give a Pint, Get a Pint. When you donate you will get a free pint of Baskin Robbins®ice cream. Ice cream has always been a weakness of mine, so I plan on participating for both reasons. Win-win situation!
4.    I’m not super athletic, but I enjoy sports. What is more American than baseball? Come join our 19th century game of rounders and play the old-fashioned way like they did before they had our modern day rules. You might even learn a trick or two for your weekly softball games…
5.    Ever want to make a toast but can’t quite seem to grasp the words to speak it eloquently? Come learn from the good Dr. himself and toast to America. In Prairietown it has only been about 60 years since America gained its freedom and they are celebrating at the Golden Eagle Inn.
6.    I’ve never tried it, but I can imagine spitting watermelon seeds could be fun. There has to be some kind of technique. I plan on figuring that out this weekend.
7.    I’m a huge fan of good food and I have gotten into a cooking kick lately. There will be muster cake galore in Prairietown for the visiting militia. It tastes like gingerbread, but is more filling. I love to learn new recipes and taste test new things!
8.    Dancing can be done any time of day, not just a local bar. Remember your square-dancing lessons in high school gym class? Put them to good use at our barn dance and do-si-do the day away. I’m a little nervous, but I have a feeling it will be all laughs and smiles in Featherston barn.
9.    Explore your community and try something different for the holiday. I’m just as excited as the rest of the country is for the long weekend and am going to do my best to put it to good use! 

I’m going to leave it at nine and ask if anyone else has great reasons that 20 and 30 something’s should visit Conner Prairie to make it 10. Come with your friends or with a date. I can’t wait to hear what you think!
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