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Emma St. Dennis - Executive Assistant to the President/CEO of Conner Prairie
Welcome to my blog this year – “Our Favorite Things.” As the executive assistant to the President and CEO I have the opportunity to work with Ellen and our board of directors on a daily basis. I’ve been on staff for a year now and really enjoy the daily variety that comes with this position.

 The focus of my blog will be to share the exploits of five of my favorite people. Emma, 11, her sister Ella Rose 7, cousins Logan 7 and his sister Eliza 3, and youngest cousin Beau almost 3. Being Mamaw to this handful is the best job ever!

As a long-time member of Conner Prairie, I first brought my oldest daughter here in 1978 – and we’ve been coming back ever since – first with my three girls and now with the five grandkids.

Our entire family has made Conner Prairie the place to create lots of memories. We have a tradition of attending the 4th of July symphony concert and we never miss Headless Horseman in October. The best memories are the in-between times – from throwing tomahawks in Lenape Village, walking on stilts in Prairietown, visiting the barn with all the young animals or even riding a circular bicycle big enough for all of us during Maker Faire. Stay tuned all this year to see what this active group is doing next.

A visit is never complete until we have visited Discovery Station inside the museum center, especially during the winter. We come often for a tea party, play with the trains and of course, milk the cow! Playing “store” and purchasing bread and vegetables in the market is always a highlight. Best of all, there are comfy “big kids” chairs for the when the grandkids outlast Mamaw!

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