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Elaine Molin - Conner Prairie Store
The Conner Prairie Store is a perfect place to find unusual gifts this season! We are having such fun with this year’s selection of “history gifts with a twist.” Come by for a visit to see the Abe Lincoln and Jane Austen bandages, the placemats that are chalkboards, “saber” umbrellas, shower caps that look like a Betsy Ross mop cap, and log pillows that appear to be straight from our log cabin.

Indiana-made toys, candy, gourmet food make great hostess gifts. Direct from our Prairietown village we have beautiful pottery, blacksmith items and textile specialties created by our Conner Prairie craftsmen. The store boasts hundreds of items for children or the child in you.

Feel good about supporting Conner Prairie while shopping for a unique gift that is different from those in the big box stores. All sale proceeds benefit Conner Prairie by allowing us to help fund imaginative programs and inspiring adventures.

And don’t forget, Conner Prairie members receive 10 percent off their purchases! View more holiday gift selections here.

Here are a few of our gift ideas:

Candy Cottage reusable gingerbread houses. Snap together pieces that are ready to decorate!  Wash off to reuse.  Large 10 x 12”-$29.95. Party pack includes set of four and is great for groups. $19.95.

Just like a one room school house slateboard, framed in wood. 5x7”-$7.25. 4x6”-$6. Add a soapstone pencil, which is a less messy option than chalk for $.45 each.

Chalk a Doodle placemats and coasters keep children entertained at the dinner table. Writable placemat sets include dustless colored chalk and a felt eraser. $12. Also available are 4-piece coasters and chalk. $10.

Conner Prairie-made salt glaze and spongeware pottery.  Beautiful and functional pottery brought in from our village potters shop!  Microwave, dishwasher and oven proof.  Mugs, pitchers, bowl, candleholders, inkwells, and crocks.  $6-$60.

The Courting Candle could also come in handy. The legend says: “A father of a young lady being courted would set the time a gentleman caller would be allowed to visit by adjusting the height of the candle. When the candle burned to the holder, it was time to part!” Useful for today’s dads too! 11” tall - Special price $19.95.

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