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Bioblitz: Conner Prairie's Wild Side is June 8 & 9!

Discover what it’s like to be a scientist and examine a sample of soil under a microscope. What life forms do you see?
Put on your detective hat and follow large animal tracks. What do you think has been nabbing local livestock?
Play botanist and try to name all the trees you can find on our grounds. Do you think you could cover all 800 acres?
Become an animal expert. Can you identify critters based on their droppings?
All of these are fun and educational activities that will be part of "Bioblitz: Conner Prairie’s Wild Side" on June 8 and 9.
This event – the first one at Conner Prairie and in Central Indiana – includes a festival and scientific research.
This Saturday and Sunday more than 50 scientists from across the state will swarm over our grounds for more than 24 hours and will try to record as many living species as they can find. They will even search our property overnight with special tools to seek out nocturnal critters. Who knows what they will find! Maybe a rare or new species?
You will have to come to the festival to find out! During the public portion of the event, held 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, you will be able to mingle with the scientists in the Bioblitz Headquarters. You can investigate and discuss their findings, and ask them questions about life on our grounds.
Then you can mount your own expedition – act like a Bioblitz scientist and explore nature with all your senses, the knowledge and skills you will gain here and scientific tools.
You can grab a net and catch insects, then analyze them up close with magnifying glasses. You can scoop up soil and pond water and scrutinize the samples under a microscope. You can meet reptiles, amphibians, birds, heritage breeds, and exotic and native animals, and learn how they each survive in their habitats. You can trek along our Nature Walk and take in the sights, smells and sounds of a prairie, woods, farmland and the White River.

Something that is sure to make little boys giggle is “The Scoop on Poop” game. You will be encouraged to scoop fake animal droppings out of a toilet and then determine if they belong to a rabbit, deer, coyote or other animal. What boy won’t like that??
And for the kids who love a good mystery, they can learn about nature while they solve an enigma. In the activity "H-CSI" (Historic Crime Scene Investigation) kids will learn about the marks left by different animals. They will follow a set of tracks, examine clues and interview Prairietown residents to figure out what has been stealing local livestock!
Even very little ones can seek and find. In the "Beginner Blitz", our youngest guests can search for toy wildlife in the woods. Help them work on their observation skills as they seek out a praying mantis, green snake and more.
And guests of every age can wander our grounds and search for real animals. We will give you the knowledge and tools necessary for your investigation. What animals will you see? Maybe YOU will find something intriguing and special!

For details on the Bioblitz:

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